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Dateline: Jerusalem : Reporting the Middle East 1967-2008


Journalist and writer Eric Silver was based in Jerusalem for nearly forty years. He first went to cover Israel for the Guardian in 1967 in the aftermath of the Six-Day War, and then in 1972 he was sent to Jerusalem to be staff correspondent for the Guardian and the Observer. Mostly in Israel from 1967-2008, he was one of the few foreign journalists to cover the region throughout this significant period in its history. This collection of his work gives a rich insight into the history of the time offering a unique perspective on what it was like for both Israelis and Palestinians living there. It provides at once an accurate and reliable guide to the complexities of Israel politics, and an engaging personal voice on is world and the ongoing drama of life in Israel.

ISBN: 9781907841064

Format: Paperback

Pages: 372

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