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Welcome to Palatino Books

Palatino is a publisher primarily of books about journalism – books by journalists and about newspapers.
The booklist includes titles that everybody in the inky trade, or thinking about joining it, or simply interested in the ‘mysteries’  of newspapers, should read, and enjoy.

About Us

Palatino was created to publish books about the newspaper trade and to restore some deserving classic titles that had been out of print.

The booklist was later extended to include books written by journalists that had nothing to do with newspapers but were deemed to be worth publishing anyway.

All our books are available "postage free worldwide" from BookDepository (it appears that they might charge for packing, but delivery to foreign addresses is far cheaper than other sellers.)

They are all also available on order online or from any decent bookshop if not already in stock. Allow about a week for this, although sometimes it has been effected in about four days.

Journalists (surprisingly?) don't have a book-buying culture: they have been used to picking them up in the office or blagging them from a publisher. 

So, if you know anybody who is, or was, one, you could buy them a book for Christmas, or for their birthday.

But if you are, or were, one, you could put your hand in your pocket and buy yourself some entertainment - in print.

(Remember "print"...?)

Stack of Newspapers
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